What are Mentor talks??

MENtor talk is an in-house program specially designed for the 14 boys at Rainbow Rescue who are between 10-16years old. Male volunteers will volunteer two hours of their time to discuss their life successes, challenges, and motivations with the boys in the hope of inspiring the boys to be all that they could be in this life regardless of their circumstances.  It is an informal meet and greet session where the guest MENtor will address the boys and then have a chance to socialize and answer any questions the boys may have in regards to their profession or lifestyle.

It is hoped, but not mandatory, that the men who MENtor will ultimately retain a relationship with the boys as often as they can and are available.

The MENtor sessions will be held with a different MENtor once a month.

Rainbow Rescue held our first MENtor talk on Friday 22 September 2017 @ International School of Port of Spain.  Our boys were able to meet their mentors ask them questions tour the school and play a little bit of basketball. They truly enjoyed the experience!

Special thanks to our first mentors Mr. Ralph and Mr. Holder who dedicated their time and energy to make this happen. Special thanks to Ms. Joanne Johnson who inspired the idea for the MENtor monthly event and provided snacks and to Ms. Karen Sheppard who helped with transport and has always supported our boys over the years!

If you would like to participate in our MENtor talks or find out more please contact Rainbow Rescue at 622-1200 for more information!