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Let’s Nurture Our Boys!

How can you help us? As you can imagine its not easy to maintain a house of 14 teenage boys. The demands are high - emotionally, physically and financially. Our Annual Bud..

A Haven of Hope!

Help us raise $500,000.00TTD for our boys!


Rainbow Rescue aims to provide a family type of environment for 14 boys who have been removed from their parent’s home for various reasons that stem from domestic abuse to abandonment or poverty.

The boys live on the compound where they are provided with 3+ meals a day, go to school and their respective extracurricular activities, and have all their personal needs attended to. We also provide for the boys medical needs, whether it’s physical or mental/emotional health, eye care and regular visits to the dentist.

We have dedicated staff who work with and care for our boys round the clock, 24hours a day!