Mrs. Judy Wilson is a mother of four who has been involved in charity work for most of her life. She started Rainbow Rescue, a home for boys, in 1999 with a few of her very close friends.

She had been working with children on the streets of the city since 1996. She believed that children should not be alone on the streets hungry and dirty, sleeping on the sidewalks and in abandoned buildings, prey to danger and exploitation.

Soon the problem of “Street Children” in Trinidad was becoming more visible in the city. Determined to curb the problem, Mrs. Wilson travelled to the USA to visit with one of the more reputable organizations and followed their model of running a Children’s Home.

On returning to Trinidad, she then opened her home to some of the homeless youths with whom she had worked with on the streets of Port of Spain. After moving to various locations, and years of sourcing funding, materials and labour for her charity, she finally settled the Haven of Hope at #2 Saddle Road, Maraval, as one of the first licensed homes in Trinidad and Tobago.

It was by no means an easy task, but through the labour of love and commitment she continued and persevered in making Rainbow Rescue one of the top homes in Trinidad today.